If you are interested in dental implants or just want to make sure that you have a healthy smile, you must first have healthy gums and a strong jawbone. Gum disease and tooth loss can cause a number of different health problems, including a loss of jawbone mass. Our dentists can help correct this dental issue with a soft tissue or bone restoration treatment in Cincinnati, Ohio. If you are interested in finding out more about either of these procedures, call Family Dental Care Associates at 513-683-5677 today.

A soft tissue graft is used to help improve the oral health of patients whose gumlines have recessed or appear uneven. Gingival recession can lead to more serious issues, such as loose teeth or exposed roots, so it is important to get needed care. During a gum grafting treatment, our skilled dentists attach grafting tissue to the areas of the gum that are lacking sufficient gum tissue. The grafting tissue can be taken from a tissue bank or from another area of your mouth; this just depends on your personals needs and preferences.

We offer bone grafting as a way of improving the density of a jawbone if it is not thick enough for oral procedures and is needed to provide a patient with optimal oral health. A piece of bone is transplanted from your jaw or area of the body to your jawbone. The additional bone tissue then grafts with the jawbone and results in a sufficient amount of bone mass, providing patients with a stronger, more stable foundation.

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