Tooth EmergencyIn most cases, your natural teeth are the ones that will serve you best throughout your life. However, in some cases, our dentists may suggest a full-mouth extraction. Our team will do all they can to make sure that you keep your original teeth. If a full-mouth extraction becomes necessary, you can count on us to make sure that your procedure is safe and as comfortable as possible. To find out if you may be a candidate for a full-mouth extraction in Cincinnati, Ohio, call Family Dental Care Associates at 513-683-5677 today,

A full-mouth extraction involves removing all of the teeth in your mouth. This may be necessary if you have a severe case of tooth decay or gum disease, and there are no other treatment options for saving your smile and maintaining your oral health. You may be able to have all of your teeth removed in one visit, or it may take two trips to our office. This will depend on your individual case and needs. We will provide you with instructions on what to do before the procedure and will make sure that you understand what to do to make sure that you heal properly afterwards. Then, you can visit our office to discuss your restoration options with our dentist and team.